Love · Laundry Magazine

Hong Kong’s first professional laundry quarterly magazine

To our industry friends, customers and the public, we provide informative laundry encyclopedia!

The "Hong Kong Laundry Services Association" was officially established in 2012.
Hong Kong Laundry Services Association publishes a special magazine called "Love·Laundry" - for the industry and its upstream and downstream friends, as well as our customers and the public,
Providing a very informative quarterly professional laundry magazine in Hong Kong with rich chapters. Including the Hong Kong Laundry Industry History Hall of Fame, member entrepreneurship
Development history, production capacity optimization, environmental protection and energy saving ideas, review of industrial safety cases, encyclopedia of laundry skills, laundromat clothing complaint handling cases, laundromat interesting facts, appreciation for not picking up lost items after washing, important news about the international laundry industry, visits and exchanges at international laundries Group and so on.