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How to correctly read laundry labels!

International Laundry Labels To properly care for your clothes, in addition to following our laundry tips, you should also read the clothing labels and wash, dry, bleach, iron, or dry-clean the clothes according to the instructions on the laundry labels. If the clothing label does not indicate this, it is best to hand wash it independently in cold water or have it professionally handled by Sunshine Laundry. International Laundry…

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How to gently clean pet items?

1. Classified washing It is important to wash different types of pet products separately. Certain items may require special washing procedures or care. Sorted washing avoids the risk of staining, shrinkage or damage. Please refer to the laundry label instructions on the clothing label and proceed according to the material, color and washing requirements...

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How to keep your shoes white?

White shoes have always been a classic choice in the fashion world, but keeping them clean and bright can be a challenge. Today I would like to share with you some tips on caring for white shoes, and learn about the shoe cleaning services provided by Sunshine Laundry Company. 1. Proper Cleaning Keeping your white shoes clean is key. In Qing…

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