Physical Store Services

Comprehensive laundry service,
solve your laundry worries!

From pound washing, dry cleaning, self-service laundry to professional care and renovation and repair services, Sunshine is committed to providing guests with one-stop services.

Professional dry cleaning machine cleaning, special material hand processing, pre-treatment of stubborn dirt, non-fading;
After ironing and packaging, the clothes are returned to you in perfect condition.

Disinfecting Wash-and-fold

Sunshine guarantees the highest quality pound washing service, with worry-free cleaning and disinfection.
Use a professional dryer to dry your clothes, keeping them dry and tidy.

Evening Self-service laundry

Sunshine Laundry convenience store is equipped with evening self-service laundry service—
Just put the clothes in the washer or dryer, pay by yourself, and the clothes will be washed and ready to show within an hour!

Premium Care Services

Sunshine Laundry provides sophisticated care services—
Including leather goods maintenance, carpet cleaning, doll care, deep disinfection of various footwear and other diversified services to meet various needs.

Refurbish and Repair

Sunshine has 30 years of experience in repairing damaged clothing, darning nicks in shoes, and resizing clothing.



Shoe Repair