Sunshine self-service laundry

24-hour self-service laundromat,
Wash whenever & wherever!

Sunshine Laundry Group's two 24-hour self-service laundry brands have won the hearts of the people and take care of all Hong Kong citizens with the top-notch machines, the cleanest environment, and the most convenient services!


Most laundromat branches in Hong Kong

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Customer satisfaction with Service


Ranking of Machine Convenience

It is the first store in Hong Kong that integrates self-service laundry, drying and "Susu Lian e-cabinet" automatic laundry services.
We use the top-notch Dexter professional washing and drying machines in the United States, which are easy to operate and provide automatic alkali and softener feeding to ensure outstanding washing results.
Whether it's curtains, quilts or everyday clothes, our washer-dryer has extra large capacity and can be cleaned thoroughly.

Professional washing and drying equipment, self-service payment with Octopus;
Automatically add alkali and softener, the washing effect is outstanding and economical.

Drop off your laundry before 10 a.m.
Clean clothes can be picked up after 5 p.m.

By phone or WhatsApp 6629-1949
Arrange for home delivery of pound washing or dry cleaning.

The 24-hour self-service laundromat exclusively uses LG's Giant-C series self-service laundry equipment.
The LG brand is widely popular and its high-quality laundry equipment has a high market share in more than 30 countries around the world.
These high-efficiency, durable, smart and stylish laundry equipment bring guests a pleasant experience and become the unrivaled first choice.

One of the biggest advantages of LaundrYup,
Hong Kong exclusively uses LG’s self-service laundry equipment.
Stand out among so many laundromats.

We use electronic payment throughout our store, especially the most popular
Hong Kongers welcome Octopus payments while on market
Traditional coin-operated payment is still used.

Patented design, fully automatic soap dispenser for every wash
Add laundry detergent and GK sterilizing cleaning liquid,
Guests do not need to bring their own or purchase additional items.

To attract customers’ attention, store design cannot be ignored.
important elements. We adopted the main elements of LG,
The red and white colors are bright and have an advanced and "trendy" feel.

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