Sunshine Laundry Group · One-stop service to solve your laundry worries

The Hong Kong laundry group has the most branches in Hong Kong, the widest business scope, the highest professional laundry quality, and the most considerate customer service.

Individual Service

In-store store services, professional care, door-to-door collection and delivery services, and 24-hour self-service laundry allow you to enjoy a convenient and high-quality laundry experience.

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Commercial Services

Sunshine has 30 years of experience in providing wet and dry laundry services. Its commercial customers include beauty salons,
Gym, hotel, catering industry, etc.

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Government Services

Medical Laundry Factory focuses on excellent service; our management team has many years of experience,
Provide customers with high-quality laundry management solutions.

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Other Services

Sunshine provides medical laundry services, intelligent management solutions, automation technology development and application, as well as equipment sales, installation and maintenance services, etc. to meet customer needs.

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"As the founder of the Sunshine Laundry Group, my wife joined me and worked hard not long after I started the business. We both came from the grassroots. While we continued to work hard in our careers, we continued to learn. During my studies, I was fortunate to meet a professor of Chinese and Western philosophy at the Chinese University of China. Professor Huo Taohui, who has more than 10 years left, has since followed Professor Huo to learn Confucianism in Chinese culture, and has taken the Confucian thought of "benevolence is for oneself" as the vision of Sunshine Group. At the same time, a reading club was organized for the core team in the company, so that colleagues can learn from each other through reading. After several years of study and cultivation, the working atmosphere of Sunshine Laundry has become positive, positive and harmonious, and some colleagues’ families have also had positive changes. The two founders at least care about society and take it as their duty to help the weak. Sunshine Laundry has become a When it was first established, it already hired people with disabilities. Later, it continued to recruit more people who were disadvantaged in society. One colleague even blurted out during a radio interview: "I really like Sunshine Laundry, and I won't show off!" 」

The vision of the Sunshine Group is "Be kind to oneself." My wife and I know that family harmony is the cornerstone of social harmony, and family harmony depends on the cultivation of reading and poetry. When people read, their temperament will change. What follows is a rich sense of happiness in the heart. Sunshine Group established the "Sunshine Happiness Research Institute" specifically for families. Its vision is; "Sunshine everywhere, every family is happy." The goal is to "move happiness, cultivate happiness, and spread happiness" for all members of the family. This year is the 30th anniversary of Sunshine Group. We take this opportunity to review our shortcomings and set improvement goals to achieve Sunshine Group in the next 30 years. "

— Wong Tat-keung, founder and executive director of Hong Kong Sunshine Laundry Group

Left: First Sunshine Laundry Convenience Store branch in Mongkok

Right: 74th Sunshine Laundry Convenience Store branch in Lam Tin